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Organic Holy Mole Pepper Seeds - 15 Count


Organic Holy Mole Pepper Seeds

Description: A very unusual Pasilla pepper, which is best known for its distinctive nutty and spicy flavor in mole sauce. 7 to 9-inch long peppers start out green then mature to a dark chocolate color. They may be used fresh or dried, adding rich, smoky flavor but very little heat to dishes. High-yielding plants are resistant to 2 types of pepper virus.
Days to Maturity: 76 Days
Water: Peppers in general require a heavy supply of water to bear fruit properly. Never allow to dry out or become wilted.
Sowing Depth: 0.25 inch
Plant Spacing: Standard: 18 inches, Intensive: 12 Inches (Plant spacing is a totally subjective issue, and many growers wish to plant their plants in the best way for their setting.)
Row Spacing: Standard: 24 inches, Intensive: 18 Inches (Plant spacing is a totally subjective issue, and many growers wish to plant their plants in the best way for their setting.)
Harvesting: Peppers can be picked as soon as they reach a size which is edible. If you prefer smaller, more intense peppers, you may pick within a few weeks of emergence. Allowing the peppers to mature on the plant will provide the largest pepper. Additionally, you may harvest the plant in its entirety, and hang inverted to dry all peppers on the plant for consumption, decoration, or seed saving.
Insects and Pests: Several insects will enjoy your pepper plants. Spider mites and aphids are the most common, with an occasional borer. In many areas, it is infrequent. For the infrequent problem, try an organic insecticide such as tobacco dust.
Disease: While many viruses and diseases can affect peppers, it is somewhat infrequent. Fungal infections can be treated with organic. Addressing the issue as soon as it is noticed will reduce loss and increase potential pepper yield.
Hardiness: No doubts about it, peppers do not like frost. In the spring, frost will stunt or kill the plants. Cold weather can cause the plant to slow down or stunt it. In the autumn, cover the plants, if frost is expected. Use a hot cap on cold and frosty spring nights.  If they are vented, they can they left on all day.
Pollination Warning: Peppers are self-pollinators. Occasionally, they will cross pollinate from pollen carried by bees or other insects. To minimize this possibility, do not plant hot and sweet peppers in close proximity; allow a minimum of 6 feet between differing varieties. The crossing will not affect the fruit of this year's crop; however, the cross will show up in the genetics of the seeds, if you save them

WARNINGS: Even pepper seeds from 'Sweet' peppers may contain some capsaicinoids that could irritate your skin causing dermatitis. As well, 'Hot' peppers may contain a lower amount of capsaicinoids, which will affect the perceived 'temperature' of the peppers grown. As always, when handling peppers, pepper seeds, flesh, skins, etc., and in pepper preparation, use gloves, and remember - Never Touch Your Eyes, and, please use care in handling all parts of the pepper.  (Days to maturity are estimates only, results will vary with growing conditions and methods.)

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