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Golden Giant Saguaro Cactus Seeds - 12 Count


Golden Giant Saguaro Seeds
Echinopsis terscheckii  - Trichocereus Terscheckii
Synonyms: Cereus terscheckii, Pilocereus terscheckii, Trichocereus terscheckii, Trichocereus werdermannianus, Echinopsis werdermaniana
Argentine Saguaro, Cousin Saguaro, South American Saguaro, South of the Border Saguaro, Saguaro de Argentine

Description: The Cardon Grande is probably the largest Echinopsis.  It is occasionally used in landscaping as a faster growing substitute to the Saguaro.  It has 8 to 14 ribs.  Areoles are about 1 inch apart (2.5 cm).  They have up to 15 strong, yellow, spines sometimes over 3 inches long (7 cm), generally less.  Recommended Temperature Zone:
Sunset: 11-13,18-21
USDA: 8b-11
Frost Tolerance: Hardy to 18° F (-8° C)
Heat Tolerance: Light shade to full sun
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Water: Succulent plants can also endure long periods of time without watering; usually as the climate gets colder they need less water, while during the summer months they should be watered abundantly. We suggest watering these plants only from time to time, but we must remember to wet the soil deeply using 1-2 glasses of water every 4-5 weeks.
Origin: Northern Argentina
Growth Habits: Columnar cactus branching above ground, reaches over 25 feet tall (7.5 m), branches are around 10 inches in diameter (25 cm); 8 to 14 ribs; large brownish areoles, 1 inch apart (2.5 cm); 8 to 15 yellowish spines, 3.2 to 4 inches long (8-10 cm).
Watering Needs: Little water, needs good drainage
Propagation: Seeds, cuttings will not root most of the time.
Blooming Habits: The flowers are white, nocturnal, up to 8 inches long (20 cm)
Maintenance: The spring weather, with a high temperature swing between the day and night hours, and pretty frequent rains, can favor the development of fungus diseases, which should be treated preemptively with a systemic fungicide, to use before the gems grow excessively; at the end of the winter we also suggest a wide range insecticide to prevent the attack of aphids and cochineals. We should always remember to do these treatments when there aren't flowerings in the garden.

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