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Prairie Sumac Seeds - 20 Count


Prairie Sumac Seeds
Rhus lanceolata
Prairie Flameleaf Sumac, Texan Sumac, Lanceleaf Sumac

Description : Deciduous thicket-forming shrub, frequently single-trunked and tree-shaped. May sucker from the base to form a colony. Pinnately-compound summer leaves green, becoming vivid red in fall. Trunk and branches pale. Blossoms white.
Height : 7.6 m. (25 ft.)
Diameter : 15 cm. (6 in.).
Habitat : Scrub, shrub & brushlands, Grasslands & prairies.
Range : Plains, Texas, Southwest.
Exposure : Preference Sun to partial shade.
Native Distribution : N. Central Texas & adjacent Oklahoma, s. to Edwards Plateau & w. to New Mexico
Leaf : Alternate, pinnately compound, up to 12 inches long, 7 to 15 leaflets per leaf; leaflets are narrowly lance-shaped and somewhat hooked, with entire margins, rachis has prominent wings between the leaflets, shiny, dark green above, paler and a bit fuzzy below.
Flower : Species is monoecious; greenish-yellow and small, borne on 3 to 5 inch wide, terminal pyramid-shaped panicles in mid to late summer.
Fruit : A dark red, round drupe borne on terminal cluster, 1/8 inch long, covered with short, sticky, red hairs. Matures in fall but present through winter.
Twig : Medium textured, speckled with lenticels, and covered with fine, velvety, reddish brown hair; buds are small, rounded and hairy, leaf scars horseshoe-shaped.
Bark : Light brown or gray, smooth with numerous lenticels when young, later with large, thin scales.
Form : A small tree or large shrub up to 25 feet with a short trunk and spreading branches. *photos courtesy Oana Popescu and Carol Loopstra, Texas A&M
Site Preference : Rocky hillsides
Soil Preference : Rocky, limestone soils.
Soil pH : 6.1-7.1
Wildlife Value : Provides food for bees, mammals and several bird species.
Discussion : Prairie Flameleaf Sumac produces berries that, when soaked in water, make a tart, tasty, high-Vitamin C tea. Flameleaf is the perfect description of this trees outstanding, orange and red, autumn foliage. Comments Prairie flameleaf sumac does not have the aggressive of smooth sumac. It makes an attractive specimen, hedge or background plant and is an important food source for bees, mammals, and several bird species. Sumacs are fast growing, generally pest and disease-free, and drought-tolerant. Colonies are often single-sexed, formed from a single, suckering parent. Only female plants produce flowers and berries.

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