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Bishop Pine Tree Seeds - 25 Count


Bishop Pine Tree Seeds
 Pinus muricata
Prickle-Cone Pine, California Pine, Bishop's Pine, Bishops Pride

Description: Narrow columnar tree, weeping needles
Height: 30-60ft
Diameter: 20-40ft
USDA Zone: 2b-8b
Habit: Evergreen, rounded crown with stout branches reaching 40 to 70 feet in height, often with a crooked single trunk.
Needles: Evergreen needles, 4 to 6 inches long in fascicles of 2, stout, twisted, dull blue-green (northern populations) or yellow-green (southern populations)
Flower:  Monoecious; males cylindrical, purple, in tight clusters at branch tips; females, reddish purple in groups of 3 or 4 at branch tips.
Bark: Initially smooth, reddish-gray, later becoming more gray and developing rounded, scaly ridges and becoming quite thick.
Cones: Woody cone, 2 to 3 inches long, egg-shaped, asymmetrical with thick spiny scales, often serotinous, clustered in rings around the branches and persistent for many years.
Twig:  Moderately stout, reddish brown, buds large and reddish brown.
Habitat: Dry, rocky slopes and ridges in moderate to high elevations.  China of the center, Burma; from 1000 to 3300 m; very widespread; introduced in Europe and the USA in 1895
Original Range: Southwestern N. America - California.   Bishop pine occurs in disjunctive populations in coastal California from Humboldt County south to Santa Barbara County.  It is also found on Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa islands, and in Baja California, Mexico
Growth Rate:  A very fast growing tree, even in exposed maritime areas, it makes a very good shelterbelt
Exposure:  Full sun; takes partial shade when young but will soon become overstory tree
Soil:  Thrives in a light well-drained sandy or gravelly loam, and can grow in nutritionally poor soil. The plant prefers acid and neutral soils and can grow in very acid and saline soils.
Maintenance:  Low; on large plants needles drop can accumulate on inner branches and need to be shaken to remove, if desired.
Propagation: Seed
Water:  Best with supplemental irrigation, 2-3 times per month
Landscape Value:  Tropical appearance; silhouette tree, good for framing a view; tall cascade-like effect; specimen tree
Discussion: A fast dark green pine to 50 ft.. It is good to use in place of P. radiata for fence hedge. It's excellent near coast. We've had very good luck inland. There is one in Bakersfield that is 7 years old now in a high boron soil that looks lovely with its dark green foliage and dense habit. Give full sun and water the first summer. Companion plants are Vaccinium ovatum, Myrica calif., Gaulthera and Heteromeles. Mulch, mulch, mulch....


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