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Bristlecone Pine Tree Seeds - 25 Count


Bristlecone Pine Tree Seeds
Pinus aristata
Sharp Cone, High Cone, Highhat Pine

Description: Tree with very short needles crowded into mass suggesting a foxtail and a broad, irregular crown of spreading branches; a low shrub at timberline.
Height: 20-40' (6-12 m).
Diameter: 1-2 1/2' (0.3-0.8 m).
Needles: Evergreen; 5 in bundle, with sheath shedding after first year; 3/4-1 1/2" (2-4 cm) long. Crowded in long, dense mass curved against twig; stout, stiff, blunt-pointed; persisting 10-20 years. Dark green, with white lines on inner surfaces; often with whitish resin dots on outer surface.
Bark: Whitish-gray, smooth; becoming reddish-brown and furrowed into irregular, scaly ridges.
Cones: 2 1/2-3 1/2" (6-9 cm) long; cylindrical, dark purplish-brown, almost stalkless; opening at maturity; cone-scales 4-sided, with slender, curved bristle; seeds brown mottled with black and with detachable wing.
Habitat: Exposed, dry, rocky slopes and ridges of high mountains in subalpine zone to timberline; often in pure stands.
Range: Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado; at 7,500-11,500' (2286-3505 m).
Growth Rate:  Slow to medium
Comments:  Protect from drying winds; tolerates air pollution; good in rock gardens or as bonsai.
Discussion: These ancient trees are extremely long-lived, and the oldest ones are an impressive sight, with their twisted trunks and their gnarled roots clinging to windswept mountain ridges. The Intermountain Bristlecone Pine (P. longaeva), found from Utah to Nevada and eastern California, used to be considered a variety of P. aristata. Representatives of the Intermountain species are some of the oldest individual trees known, surpassing 4,000 years. 


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