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Aleppo Pine Tree Seeds - 25 Count


Aleppo Pine Tree Seeds
Pinus halepensis
Massive Pine, Grande Pino, Pinus Giganta, New Pine

Description: Narrow columnar tree, weeping needles
Height: 30-60ft
Diameter: 20-40ft
USDA Zone: 2b-8b
Habit: Evergreen, pyramidal when young, rounded crown with age, massive lateral branches.
Needles: Short needles, 2-3in long, usually 2 per bundle, fine appearance
Bark: Tiered effect, branches emerge in whorled groups, like stacks of umbrellas along trunk, massive, form is open and irregular with age
Cones: 3in long, rounded, oval or oblong in shape (rather than conical)
Habitat: Dry, rocky slopes and ridges in moderate to high elevations.  China of the center, Burma; from 1000 to 3300 m; very widespread; introduced in Europe and the USA in 1895
Original Range: Mediterranean
Growth Rate:  Medium
Exposure:  Full sun; takes partial shade when young but will soon become overstory tree
Soil:  Best in uniform texture, good drainage, tolerant; recommend amendment at planting
Maintenance:  Low; on large plants needles drop can accumulate on inner branches and need to be shaken to remove, if desired.
Propagation: Seed
Water:  Best with supplemental irrigation, 2-3 times per month
Landscape Value:  Tropical appearance; silhouette tree, good for framing a view; tall cascade-like effect; specimen tree
Discussion: Needle drop is heavier when under water stress healthy specimens will drop needles in a more periodic habit, usually in spring  needle drop may build up thick thatch; this can be a pleasant feature or a maintenance problem  shortest needles of the Pinus species.



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