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Atlas Tree Seeds - 25 Count


Atlas Cedar
Cedrus atlantica
Western Red Cedar, Moroccan Cedar, Algerian Cedar

Description: Large ornamental tree with straight trunk and pointed, pyramidal crown becoming broad and flattened and pale blue-green or silvery foliage.
USDA Hardiness: USDA Zones 6a-10b. This is a hardy frost tolerant palm that can survive many degrees below freezing.
Height: 120 ft

Diameter: average 50 – 75ft spread, occasionally to 100 ft
Bark: The bark is silvery gray and fissured
Leaves: The stiff, needlelike leaves are bluish green, less than 1 in (2.5 cm) long, and clustered in tufts on short lateral spurs.
Flowers: Not appreciable
Fruits: The egg shaped cones are 3 in (7.6 cm) long, green while developing and brown when mature. When ripe they shatter to release papery winged seeds.
Habit: Atlas cedar is native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria in northern Africa.
Light: Full sun or partial shade.
Moisture: Drought tolerant once established.
Propagation: Atlas cedar is usually grown from seed. Cultivars are grafted onto seedlings of the species.
Culture: Atlas cedar does well in sandy to clayey, and acidic to alkaline soils. It grows fast and upward for the first 10-20 years, then as the central leader loses dominance, growth slows and the crown spreads. In young trees, lateral branches may have to be pruned back to keep them from breaking under their own weight. Never prune the central leader though, lest the tree's beautiful form be destroyed

Discussion: The genus Cedrus, from the ancient Greek name, consists of 4 species of true cedars, all native in the Old World. Atlas Cedar is distinguished by the short, pale blue-green needles, shiny or whitish in varieties, and by the relatively small cones. The species name refers to the location of the Atlas Mountains of northwestern Africa, near the Atlantic Ocean. The common name refers to its native home, where the heavy, aromatic wood is used for construction and cabinetmaking.


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