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Organic Golden Flax Seed - Brewing, Ornamental - 1000 Count


Organic Golden Flax Seed
Linum usitatissum

Description: Flax is a cool season herbaceous annual plant with a short taproot system. Pale blue to pale pink flowers and seed is produced in bolls or pods after flowering. Best growth and production when maximum plant growth and flowering occurs before temperatures reach 90 degrees.
Days to maturity: 85 to 100 days
Application Rate: 1 to 2 pounds per 1,000 sq. feet at 1 inch deep or less.
Inoculant: None needed
Plant Height: 1 to 4 feet
Soil: Flax grows best in loose, rich soil. Amend your garden soil with lots of organic material, like mature compost and aged manure, prior to planting. Till your garden bed or field deeply before planting, eliminating as many weeds as possible.
Plating: Sow seeds indoors in individual peat pots or direct sow them outside. Cover them in only a thin layer of soil and keep the soil moist until they sprout. Seeds can take 2 to3 weeks to germinate. Many weeds can pop up before the flax does. Hand-weed carefully when direct sowing flax so they have time to sprout without being overwhelmed with competition. Set out transplants or thin seedlings to 12 inches between each plant. While you can direct sow seeds before the last frost, it’s best to wait until after your last frost date to transplant seedlings to avoid shocking them.
Water: Flax prefers frequent, light watering as opposed to long soaks. However, it may only need your support during dry periods without much rain.
Sun: Full sun
pH: 6.0 to 7.5.
Wildlife Benefits: Attracts Beneficial Insects
Tolerance: Cold Hardy, Down to 25 °F Germination in Soils warmer than 45° F
Soil Control: Helps Control Erosion
Harvesting: The seedpods will turn yellow-brown and begin to split when they’re ready. Harvest once 90% of the seed capsules turn yellow or brown. Cut them off before they split completely or you will lose a lot of seed. Lay the pods out to dry in a safe place out of direct sunlight. Pinch the seeds with your fingernail. Fully dry seeds won’t leave a dent and can be collected for use. You should get an average of 4-6 seeds per pod, perhaps as many as 10. When harvesting large amounts of seeds, collect all your pods into a canvas bag and thresh them free. Separate seeds from other plant matter to store in airtight containers for up to 36 months.
Uses: Erosion control, attracts beneficial insects, adds biomass, green manure
Facts to Note: A clean seed bed is required for best results. Planted in early fall in the west and Texas, plant after spring grain planting in colder climates. Very good cold tolerance between seedling and bloom stages. Prefers regular water on well drained medium to heavy textured soils. Nitrogen fertilizer will increase seed yield.

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