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Yuccas occur exclusively in the Americas, distributed over a wide area from Canada into Central America and the Caribbean with species adapted to dry deserts, grasslands and tropical rainforests.
Yuccas can be grown in many differing and varying environments, from tropical locations that are ‘wetter’ then you would think, to the arid and dry American Southwest. Yuccas flourish in urban, suburban, rural, and reclaimed locations. With little care and maintenance, they will live for years, flowering, growing, and providing years of beauty.
Many of the various Yucca plants are very simple to grow directly from seed with little to no experience required. Simply start them, and they will flourish on their own.
In some northern locations, additional precautions should be taken to provide cover over winter months. Something as simple as providing additional mulching can [protect the plats enough to provide them with the ability to survive for many years in a climate that they are not native or naturalized.
Yuccas are wonderful companion plants, accent planting, and in later years can provide centralized specimen plantings to accentuate your landscape in unique and varied ways.


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