Organic & Natural Products

Seeds (Trees, Grasses, Etc.)

Our extensive collection of seeds offers the most diverse array of seeds to choose from. 
From semitropical to tropical, evergreen to deciduous, shrubs, vines, ground covers, all are here for you to choose from/.
If you don’t see it, we will find it for you.
In this section we offer:

  • Tree Seed
  • Grass Seed
  • Shrub Seed
  • Succulent Seed
  • Cacti Seed
  • Palm Seed
  • Sedge Seed
  • Xeriscaping Seed
  • Waterscaping Seed
  • Brownfield Reclamation Seed
  • Wetlands Reintroduction Seed
  • Fern Spore Kits (Coming in mid-2016)
  • Many other varieties of seed

If you do not see the seed that you are  looking for, please contact us, and we will assist with all of your needs. Email our sales department for any assistance you may need. 

Monthly Specials For July

Haitian Catalpa Tree Seeds - 25 Count
Haitian Catalpa Tree Seeds - 25 Count
$7.99  $0.99
Save: 88% off
Giant Saguaro Cactus Seeds - 12 Count
Giant Saguaro Cactus Seeds - 12 Count
$9.99  $4.99
Save: 50% off

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