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Himalayan Salt Stones, Blocks, and Rounds are used extensively in cooking, food preparation and presentation. They provide a new, healthy and dramatic way to prepare and present your food.

Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs, Plates, and Bricks are nature's cook top and serving platter in one, offering many creative culinary uses while delivering the benefits of natural, pure salt with no chemicals or additives. Heat your Himalayan salt slab, plate, or brick to high temperatures and sear thinly sliced meats, fish, vegetables, seafood and other quick-cooking foods. Or, chill it for use in serving sushi, appetizers, cold meats and cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even cold desserts. 

Salt Stone Massage Products

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage provides deep relaxation for improved sleep quality, helping to relax the body as it gently draws toxins from the skin while soothing tense, sore muscles.

Salt massage stones are wonderful tools for helping to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field and central nervous system and also have a strong effect on the reflex points and meridians of the body. A salt stone massage helps, reduce stiffness of joints along with stress and relieve pain and inflammation. Salt Stone massage also causes the body to release harmful toxins that build up and may block the flow of blood to muscle tissues in the treated area.
The benefits of a heated Salt Stone message may also help with Nervous Disorders, along with relaxing tired sore muscles caused by sports and work related injuries and activity, as well as conditions such as Arthritis.
Chilled Salt Stone therapy may reduce inflammation and swelling of joints and muscles caused by sports activities, work related injuries and other conditions affecting these areas.
Salt Stones can last many years; longer in dryer climates, less in moist climates, however, if properly sealed from humid air they can last longer in those climates as well.

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