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Heirloom Tobacco Seed

Heirloom Tobacco Seed. A most popular yet greatly maligned herb. Most every tobacco seed variety we offer is quite rare, not available commercially and some of these tobacco varieties have not seen a grower's field in 75 years or more. We have a truly impressive collection of tobacco seeds, carefully chosen with the grower in mind.
If you choose to grow the seed for use in your garden, as a focal point in your landscape, or for consumption; we have the seed you are looking for. 
Growing tobacco can be exciting for the benefit of the landscape appeal that it lends as a border plant, or center piece.
Growers also grow tobacco for consumption in various forms. (We digress and leave that to the individual growers’ choice.)
Many organic growers will use ground tobacco leaves as a natural herbicide, fungicide, insecticide by lightly dusting their various vegetable crops. (You may also mix and use in a liquid form, but this is only for experienced gardeners that have a full knowledge of what they are doing.) 

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