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Discount Coupon Coupon Policy
From time to time we issue promotional discount coupon codes for items we sell on our website. We do so either via our internal email list or by distributing to our independent affiliate network. These affiliates then promote the coupon codes on their websites, social networking sites, email marketing, search engine marketing and various other means. When we provide discount coupon codes to our independent affiliate network we do so with explicit instructions on how the coupon codes may be promoted along with the coupon code's restrictions and offer details. Failure of the affiliate to disclose these restrictions and coupon details is outside of our control. When we are made aware of a problem with an affiliate issued coupon code we move quickly to alert the affiliate so they can correct the mistake. We however cannot be held responsible for mistakes or errors made by our independent affiliates in the promotion of our coupon codes.
The coupon codes we issue and authorize are subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. Unless otherwise noted on the coupon, all coupon codes are issued with a minimum spend requirement. This minimum spend requirement is detailed with the coupon code.
2. All of our coupon codes include an expiration date & time. We do not issue open ended coupons, coupon codes, or other non-expiring discounts. The expiration time is at 11:59:59 PM ET (Eastern Time) on the date the coupon expires. If for example the coupon is set to expire on 12/31, at 11:59:59 PM EST) on December 31 at 11:59:59 PM the coupon will become invalid.
3. The coupon code must be entered by the customer at the time of checkout on the payment page. Failure to do so does not entitle the customer to a refund of the coupon discount amount after the sale. We cannot retro-actively apply coupon discounts for orders already placed. Please use care when following links from unauthorized websites providing links to our products. To check a list of valid providers, please see our current affiliate/authorized partners listing.
4. All coupon codes issued are non-negotiable.
5. Unless specifically noted on the coupon, coupons are valid for one time use per customer.
6. We reserve the right to cancel or reject any order if in our opinion the coupon used was unauthorized, ineligible, obtained illegally, altered in any way, or for any other reason that we deem to cancel the order.
7. Discount coupons may not be used on orders which have already been discounted (e.g. wholesale orders or wine club membership discounts).
8. The coupon codes we issue may only be used for online purchases made on this website. Not valid for retail locations that we operate.

Using Buy One Get One (BOGO) Discount Coupon Codes

Use the BOGO coupon code during our online checkout process to receive the advertised discount off the second most expensive item in your shopping cart. At least two (2) items must be in your cart for the coupon to apply and purchase total must be at least $75 in qualifying items exclusive of shipping and handling charges. Discount can be applied to multiple items per order but will always be applied to the second most expensive, non-discounted item in the cart. i.e.: if you have four differently priced items in your cart this coupon will apply to the 2nd and 4th most expensive items in your cart. Coupon will be reflected as the indicated discount off the merchandise value of items that qualify for the discount.
Discount coupon codes are not valid on the purchase of Gift Cards, Special Order items, Custom Orders, Close-Out Items, other specials, or specific items determined by Also, the purchase of non-qualifying items do not qualify as part of the shopping cart total for purposes of meeting the minimum purchase threshold. In-stock items only. Two uses per customer. Coupon codes must be entered by customer at the time of checkout for discount to apply. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Coupons are non-negotiable and not valid for prior purchases. We reserve the right to cancel or reject any order due to unauthorized, ineligible, or altered use of a coupon. All BOGO offers are valid only on purchases made on our website.
If you have a question about our coupon policy or have identified a possible problem with a coupon code attributed to us, please contact our Customer Care department with specifics. We will respond promptly.

Rev 04/17

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